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At Alison Steer Optometrist, we are a locally owned and independent practice, which means we stock a wide range of prescriptions glasses including frames and lenses. If you’re exploring the idea of switching from prescription glasses to contact lenses then we offer a free trial for your first pair. We have a passionate team who loves serving the community and helping families see clearer in Albany and the Great Southern.


We love helping our customers update their look or transition to wearing prescription glasses in a stylish way. We have frame options suitable for men, women, teenagers and children. We know each of our patients have different needs and style preferences when it comes to eyewear, so we keep this in mind with each new customer.

Because we are independently owned, we have a wider range of frame and lens options than brand name stores. We have 500 frames on show and more available to view so we’re confident you’ll find what you’re looking for from prescription sunglass frames to spectacle frames.

Frames for children are created with their active lives in mind. They come in durable, flexible and stylish options for your little one and we’re sure you’ll find the style you both will love.

We have a great relationship with our frame supplier which means we always have the latest trends in stock.

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Contact lenses are a great option if you have an active lifestyle, are tired of glasses or want the option to wear both. We take the risk out of trailing contacts by allowing you to have your first trial pair free.

Call into our clinic and we will assess your vision and fit your new contact lenses. (Link to contact page)

We have options to suit your lifestyle including daily lenses, fortnightly lenses, monthly and extended wear contacts. We also have prescription ranges to suit almost all patients.

We’ll help you care for your contacts and teach you how to clean them. We offer a one-off fitting fee that covers all your contact lens visits for 12 months, so you can visit and let us know if you’re having any issues.

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